Learn more about being an Ambassador or Independent Sales Rep at cuz beaches be salty.

We are very proud of the cool products we have, and we are looking for Ambassadors to represent us.

An Ambassador would be:
Fun loving
Lake knowledgable

You could be a student, a parent or retired. We just want a fun person with the right attitude.

Basically, you will be empowered with getting our product in shops on your lake!!

If we select you to be a brand ambassador, we will provide you with:
3 cuz beaches be salty T-Shirts
5 cuz beaches be salty Can Coolers
3 Lake Life Wine Wraps
50 business cards
50 brochures
10% commission on all sales*

You will get to approach shops and ask if they would be interested in selling our products. We do expect an email once a week with an update. Our products are great quality and have a very good mark up with an excellent sales point.

So how does it work? You fill out the application, let us know about you, why you think you would be a good fit for this program. We schedule a 30 minute call to make sure we are all clear on details.
Once approved we ship you our starter kit with shirts, can coolers, wine wraps, business cards and brochures.
You approach store owners that are selling t-shirts and ask them if they will carry our product. Examples are marina’s restaurants, shops, campgrounds, nurseries, etc.

Our big selling point is our low prices, and quick turnaround.

When orders are placed we pay you (via) Paypal 10% on the sale!

You do this on your schedule, with your hours. So apply below and let’s see if we are a good fit together. We have found that picking one day (a week day is best) and knocking on doors is best. Wear our shirt and ask them if they would sell our product. Take their order if they are interested, or leave a brochure and business card. If not interested, follow up in a week or so. Earning $100.00 a week in 2-3 hours work is attainable.

*We do expect a form filled once a week with contacts made. If unable to do anything that week, just let us know. We want to keep the communications open.