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This for an outline of your lake with your lake above, lake image and cuz beaches be salty below You can also order Comfort Colors, Long Sleeve, Tank Tops, Youth Shirts and Hoodies.

This is for a 35 pack. You can purchase as many 35 packs as you would like. The 35 pack is 5 7 packs and is derived based on best selling patterns. It consists of:

1 Small, 1 Medium, 2 Larges, 2 X-Larges and 1 2X-large.

We print on summer colors t-shirts. (The best to show off that Lake tan!!)  Colors used (when available) are white, yellow, light green, light blue, orange, pink, light purple.  If you request colors, we may substitute another color based on availability.

The price per shirt is approximately $6.14 and MSRP is $13.00. This is a great price point to move a lot of product.

We are the printer, so there is no middle man. We ship within 2 days (most of the time) and you should receive very quickly. We are incented to get them to you quickly, so customers can buy and you can re-order.

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    • 96.25 $

    We print in navy blue to match other side.  Size is approx 10" across if back print and 3" for front print unless otherwise specified.  We waive the $25.00 screen charge.  

    • (max file size 1 GB)

    Gildan Softstyle Ringspun is the default.
    Kids come in Sm, Med and Large, tell us sizes

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    • 210 $
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    • 140 $

    Logo preference, color preference, etc.